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We are a group of independent local videographers with interests and experience in a wide range of film-making techniques, from cine-photography and animation through to digital editing, image manipulation and post processing. We welcome beginners; why not come for a free visit and meet our friendly crowd? See "About the Club" for where we meet.

Cartoons by Graeme.

Latest News

During the clubs active season, September to April, this page is normally updated on the Wednesday or Thursday of each week. From time to time I put up links on - where else but, the useful links page. Please have a look occasionally, and if you have any suggestions for permanent links or find any that have changed/are faulty, let me know. Thanks, Tim.

Monday 16th March 2020

An evening with Lesmond. Frank Wilson gave us an excellent eveningof rail related films. These were made in the UK, Isle of Man, Switzerland and Germany and featured all forms of power including diesel, electric, steam and horses. Michael Ellis proposed a vote of thanks for what has turned out to be the last evening of our season.

We will continue to send a newsletter on a roughly monthly basis as and when we have anything to report.

Club Diary No2...filmed and edited by club members from Morecambe Bay Movie Makers on Vimeo.

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No more meetings until further notice due to Covid-19