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Competition Results > Warriner Trophy 2011


"Within 500 Metres of Home" - 31st January, 2011

Position Name Title Subject Grand Prix Points
1 G. Ducker Within 500 metres of Home Staveley village- its buildings and history, the surrounding countryside and the village events 10
2 M. Ellis Model Railway in the Loft The story of the construction and operation of a model railway layout 8
3 D. Weatherley 500 Metres From My House A look at the surroundings including strawberry fields, main line railway station and golf driving range 6
4 T. Churchill Winter Birds A selection of birds observed surrounding the home in winter 5
5 D. Simpson A Few Minutes The story of a farmer and the effects of milking cows over many the years 4
6 G. Easton One Hour at Brock Junction The operation of a model railway layout with station announcements and the movement of trains to time 3
7 M. Morrison My House The story of historical buildings, industrial archaeology and the countryside surrounding the house in Halton 2
8 D. Simpson Drains A comparison of the old and new ways of laying drains on farmland *
=9 F. Seymour Within 500 Metres The story of the redevelopment of Douglas Park in Heysham and the loss of the wild life habitat 1
=9 D. Fox Concrete Laying The story of constructing a concrete base for a farm building 1
11 M. Milligan Lancaster Mills A comparison of Lancaster Mills using old photographs and present day movies 1

Judges : Club Members

Maximum Running Time : 5 minutes

Subject for 2011 : “A Sporting Theme”

* : Grand Prix. A member’s best-placed movie is the only one to score points.