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Competition Results >Annual Open 2014

Overall Winner - Chris Abram “A transport of delights”: Best Sound - Geoff Harrison “Somewhere in England”:

Brian Melmore Trophy - Robert Skelly “A brief encounter” (Best Natural History)

Documentary Category:

Position Name Title Subject

Grand Prix Points

1 Tim Churchill The rebuild of Caton Road Power Station The history of the building of the high pressure extension to the Lancaster Power Station using old photographs and cine film. 10
2 Dave Weatherley Brimstones A promotional movie describing the boutique hotel in the Lake District. 8
3 John Selby Lancing College A visit to Lancing College describing its history and architecture. 6
4 Irene Mosey Falcons in the Glen A close look at falcons in training and their care. 5
5 Malcolm Morrison Bee Keeping A study of bee keeping and the growth of the hives to replace the falling stocks of bees. 4
6 Derek Fox Solar Panels An insight into the decisions behind installing solar panels and their construction onto farm buildings. 3

Most entertaining movie voted for by members: - Brimstones

Open Category:

Position Name Title Subject

Grand Prix Points

1 Chris Abram Transport of delights The history of transport through the ages. 10
2 Geoff Harrison Somewhere in England A vintage air display set to music and sound effects. 8
3 John Selby Shennong Stream A journey along the Shennog Stream in an open boat pulled by men with ropes and hooks. 6
4 Michael Ellis Blackpool Belle A selection of Blackpool’s old and new trams on the move set to music. 5
5 Dave Weatherley Captain Jack Sparrow A promotional movie for a lady pirate impersonator. 4
6 Malcolm Morrison In search of Chris The storey of a sailing journey across the Atlantic to the USA and finding their son’s new home. 3
7 Bob Skelly A brief encounter A short natural history movie of a racoon exploring its habitat. 2
8 Peter Parker Product launch A record of a company product launch in London. 1
9 Stan Sharpe VATMAN Comedy drama and with a special effects sequence when the VATMAN comes to the front door. 1

The most entertaining movie voted for by members: - Blackpool Belle

Holiday Category

Position Name Title Subject

Grand Prix Points

1 John Selby Masai Mara A safari journey and tented holiday with wild life in abundance. 10
2 Bob Skelly White Pass Express A journey along the old gold rush rail track in Alaska. 8
3 Dave Weatherley Jeepney The Philippine’s special public transport vehicles created from USA army jeeps. 6
4 Michael Ellis The Glacier Express with Great Rail Journeys A rail tour in the Swiss Alps. 5
5 Frank Wilson The Isle of Man Trams A look at the IOM electric and horse drawn trams and their routes. 4

The most entertaining movie voted for by members: - Masai Mara

Judges: - Duncan Moore, Wendy Moore & Corinne Ashton.