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Competition Results > Annual Open 2010

19th April 2010

Overall Winner : Chris Abram - "Six Miles Intu't Bay

Best Sound : Roland Ward - "New Zealand, South Island"

Documentary Class

Position Name Title Subject

Grand Prix Points

1 Chris Abram Six miles out intu't Bay Flookburgh fisherman at work in Morecambe Bay 10
2 Ron Wood My first rocking horse The making of a wooden rocking horse 8
3 Dave Weatherley Walk across the Bay A journey on foot across Morecambe Bay 6
4 Graham Easton Morecambe is changing A look at the buildings and features that have changed in the Morecambe area 5
5 Dave Simpson Sue Shields Face & Body Spa An insight into the treatments available at the Spa 4

Holiday Class

Position Name Title Subject

Grand Prix Points

1 Roland Ward New Zealand, South Island A journey around the mountains, coast and the towns of the South Island 10
2 Derek Fox A glimpse of America A whirlwind tour of the sites and sound from coast to coast of the USA 8
3 John Selby The call of the Masi Mara Living under canvas and searching for the wild life and scenery of Africa 6
4 Dave Weatherley Halong Bay Discovering the beauty of Halong Bay with its islands and rock formations under varying climatic conditions 5
5 Dave Simpson Land of the Pharoahs A visit to the temples and monuments along the River Nile 4
5 Graeme Isherwood A grand day out A visit to the Beamish Open Museum 3

Open Class

Position Name Title Subject

Grand Prix Points

1 Graeme Isherwood A public information film An animation movie explaining how and when to use an apostrophe 10
2 Graham Easton The Insider An animation story of the work of a little known government department controlling the country's water 8
3 Ron Wood My greenhouse hobby A comedy spoof of how to grow large tomatoes & cucumbers in a greenhouse 6
4 Dave Simpson Leonardo A look at some of Leonardo de Vinci's inventions recreated in a French museum 5
5 Ron Wood Silver ring for Tiggy The story of how to create a new silver ring from scrap silver 4
6 John Selby Entertainment Chinese style A selection of traditional Chinese dances and plays -
7 Dave Weatherley Vietnam Montage A journey through Vietnamese countryside set to traditional music 3
8 Brian Melmore Focus 2010 An impression of the Focus 2010 photographic exhibition set to music with dissolves 2


Judges: Rick McLeod, Director - Celtic Storm Films; Richard Smith, Editor - Celtic Storm Films.