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Competition Results > Annual Open 2009

20th April, 2009

Overall Winner : Geoff Ducker - "Around Our House"

Best Sound : Geoff Ducker - "Around Our House"

Documentary Class

Position Name Title Subject

Grand Prix Points

1 Ron Wood Ron's Chicken Run Refurbishment and restocking of a chicken run 10
2 John Selby Bead & Pottery Factory The story of African craftsmen and women working to build an industry to support themselves 8
3 Chris Abram Milnthorpe, Westmoreland's Last Port The history of Milnthorpe and the way it is today 6
4 Stuart Constable Flight Of Fantasy An adventure in a hot air balloon over the UK countryside 5
5 Ron Wood Brassed Off Making a finger ring from scrap brass by smelting and machining -
6 Malcolm Morrison The Boats Of Glasson Dock A look at boats and their history that are in the Glasson Dock Marine 4

Holiday Class

Position Name Title Subject

Grand Prix Points

1 John Selby Masai Mara The story of a visit to the game parks of Africa to look at the wild life 10
2 Chris Abram Koh Samui, Where A True Friendship Is Never Forgotten A journey to Koh Samui to see the way of life and the beautiful surroundings 8
3 Dave Weatherley Grand Wash Trail A walk through a potential hostile canyon in the United States 6
4 Dave Weatherley Toy Train A journey on the narrow gauge railway in Darjeeling, looking at the railway train and the area it travels through -
5 Derek Fox Glimpse Of America A high-speed journey across the United States taking in the sites with some special excursions on boats and helicopters 5

Open Class

Position Name Title Subject

Grand Prix Points

1 Geoff Ducker Around Our House A look at the wildlife and plants in an English country garden 10
2 Chris Abram Carnforth Sheds, 40 Years Since Steam A celebration to mark the end of steam trains in the UK 40 years ago 8
3 Ron Wood My Greenhouse Hobby A tongue in cheek look at what makes plants grow in a greenhouse 6
4 Graeme Isherwood Fox Glacier The natural history of the glacier in New Zealand 5
=5 Ron Wood A Silver Ring For Tiggy Making a silver finger ring from scrap to the wearing -
=5 Brian Melmore Hobbies The recollection of a lifetime's hobbies 4
7 Chris Abram Morecambe RNLI - An Exercise The story of a training exercise with a helicopter -
8 Dave Weatherley Vegas A vivid impression of the US resort of Vegas 3
9 Graeme Isherwood Milford Sound A dramatic view of the hills and water falls in NZ -
=10 Graham Easton Let's Make Music An animation set to the music of a piano and the missing notes 2
=10 Graham Easton Club Night An animation of a typical movie club meeting with a special interest in new members -
12 John Selby Entertainment, Chinese Style A collection of various traditional Chinese entertainments on stage 1
13 Graham Easton Round And Around Goes The Flywheel A high-speed fairground ride set to music -


Judges: David T Guest - Managing Director, Workshop Productions; Amanda Louise Jesson - Production Manager, Workshop Productions.