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Competition Results > Annual Open 2008

21st April 2008

Overall Winner : Chris Abram - "Bittern Country - My Home"

Best Sound : Graeme Isherwood - "Let There Be Light"

Documentary Class

Position Name Title Subject
1 Chris Abram Bittern Country- My Home The story of his hometown Carnforth, and its surrounding countryside
2 Dave Weatherley Lite Caving The story of a caving expedition looking at the structures underground and the effects of zero light
3 Peter Parker St. Michaels Sporting Club A promotional movie showing the work of a local boxing club and its members
Other, unplaced entries, in order of showing
  John Selby Shennong Stream A journey along a tributary of the Yankees River in China using hand pulled boats
  Chris Abram Heron Corn Mill The history and operation of the water powered corn mill at Beetham , Cumbria

Holiday Class

Position Name Title Subject
1 Graeme Isherwood Queenstown Part of a holiday in New Zealand showing the town and steamboat cruising on the lakes
2 Dave Simpson Land Of The Pharaohs A cruising holiday on the Nile taking in the history and architecture
3 Dave Simpson Une Visite a La Vienne A visit to France with an agricultural bias and a day at the theme park
  Mike Milligan Tenerife Volcanic Wonderland A tour of the island landscape, towns and resorts

Open Class

Position Name Title Subject
1 Dave Weatherley Letter From The Front A First World War soldier's last letter read by his widow as she thinks about him while sat at the side of the bay
2 Graeme Isherwood Let There Be Light An animation character finds it difficult to repair an electric light bulb, in the dark, with explosive results
3 Ron Wood My Dream A young girl tells the story of her dream with comical and imaginative detail
Other, unplaced entries, in order of showing
  Brian Melmore Focus 2008 Images of a photographic exhibition dissolved to the musical sound track
  Graham Easton Junior : The Movie An animation movie following the life of a small fish that takes the bait once too often with disasterous results
  Dave Weatherley Torn An internal triangle drama
  Graham Easton No Film Show Tonight The story of how the making of a film ran out of the time limit, even before it was started
  Graham Easton Zero An animation character called zero introduces his friends called 1 to 9 and shows how no-one is indispensable

Judge: Phil Janvier