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Competition Results >One Minute Film 2017

27th February


Position Name Title Subject

Grand Prix Points

1 R Gaskell Three Little Monkeys Children acting to the nursery rhyme. 10
2 G Easton Stand & Deliver An animation looking at the local council waste collection system. 8
3 D. Weatherley Heating Bills A comedy showing how to reduce heating bills by using a sleeping bag. 6
4 M Morrison The Hunter An animation set to a children’s hunting rhyme. 5
5 C Wade Li River - Impressions Show The illuminated show on the River Li at night 4
6 M Wade The Weir A flat bottom boat journey up and down the River Weir in China. 3
7 C Wade Craft Hut The story of knitting & ceramic artist in her working a hut. #
8 G Easton Major Tom Psychedelic landscape images set to music. #
9 R Ward Who Pays the Ferryman The journey across a river by a hand drawn flat bottom ferry boat. 2
10 R Ward Tide & Time Walking over a flooded cause way to the island and back #
11 S Cumbus Brocken A continental steam railway journey 1
12 A Jones In Search of Tigers The close up story of a wild life safari. 1
13 N Woodhead Frank's Moment of Fame Frank falls in the stream in front of all his friends while out walking. 1
14 D Simpson To Orlando The highlights of a visit to a holiday theme park. 1
15 C Wade The Famine Garden The history of the Ireland potato famine commemorated in the garden. #
16 R Skelly Abu Dhabi F1 Highlights of the Formula 1 racing circuit day and night 1
17 N Woodhead A Trip to York Railway Museum A tour of the museum with the sound effects of steam railways. #
18 R Skelly Celebrity Constellation Pirate Drill A cruise ship pirate drill with animation special effects. #
19 = M Wade The Tea House A demonstration of the traditional China tea ceremony and ear waxing. #
19 = M Ellis On Parallel Lines Steam drawn trains passing through the snowy condition. 1
21 M Wade Burmese Lunch A visit to a typical Burmese lunch and school. #
22 P Craven Dancing with Clouds Failed to play 1

Judges; Club Members. - Rules - Maximum running time 1 minute.

# = Not eligible for Grand Prix Points (only the member's best placed movie counts)

Most Entertaining Movie. – Three Little Monkeys.