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Monday Sept 24th 2018

Showcase Raffle/Fred Dibden Trophy Voting.

The idea is that every member brings in a movie or two to show. The subject is of your choice and the time limit is 5 minutes. Each member who enters will receive one raffle ticket. At the end of the night a prize or two will be drawn out of the hat. This is not a competition but we would like you to pick the most entertaining movie for inclusion in next year's Eric trophy competition.

Tonight we will also vote for the Fred Dibden trophy for Club Member of the Year.

Monday Oct 1st 2018


Graeme Isherwood will show us how he makes animated films.

Monday Oct 8th 2018.

The Eric Trophy Competition.

Entries selected over the 2017/18 club year will be shown and the winner of the trophy will be chosen by club members. If anyone has any amusing clips now is the time to bring them if there is time to spare.

Monday Oct 15th 2018.

Cyber and Digital Threats

Bob Skelly will give a presentation on threats to our computers and how to combat them.

Monday Oct 22nd 2018.

Films from around the World

Christine and Martin will show a selection of films made on their travels around the planet.

Monday Oct 29th 2018.

Hot pot/Pie and Pea supper

Bring along some of your best films to serve as an appetiser to a delicious supper.


Monday Nov 5th 2018.

Bonfire Night

Peter Craven has arranged for us to attend a local bonfire. This will be an opportunity for us to find out how the firework setting on our cameras works. Your edited films could be shown at a later meeting.

Monday Nov 12th 2018.

Club Movie Workshop

Dave Weatherley will show us how to edit multi-camera and green screen movies using footage taken for the club movie last year. Will everybody who filmed or recorded the audio of the piano recital bring along your material for Dave to work with.

Monday Nov 19th 2018.

Lune Archaeology

Steve King (photography lecturer for U3A) will give us a power point presentation entitled “Glimpses of Archaeology in the upper Lune Valley”. This is designed to tie in with Dave Weatherley's film on the Source of the River Lune.

Monday Nov 26th 2018.

Big Planes and Little Planes

Everything you need to know about drones, presented by Dave Weatherley, Peter Craven, Malcolm Morrison and Derek Fox.


Monday Dec 3rd 2018.

Quiz night

Christine and Martin will present another of their light hearted quizes with BIG prizes!

Monday Dec 10th 2018.

The Dave Sephton Competition.

The first competition of the season and the subject is “Local interest” with a maximum running time of 12 minutes. To be judged by non-competing club members.

Monday Dec 17th 2018.

Christmas Dinner

We are booked into the Morecambe Golf Club for our Christmas meal and presentation of the Fred Dibden and Eric trophies. Time 7.00 pm for 7.30 pm meal, followed by awards and raffle.

Monday Dec 24th 2018.

Christmas Holiday.


Monday Dec 31st 2018.

New Year Holiday.

Monday Jan 7th 2019.

No Meeting.

The Chairman and Secretaries are all away sunning themselves.

Monday Jan 14th 2019.

Showcase Raffle

The idea is that every member brings in a movie or two to show. The subject is of your choice and the time limit is 5 minutes. Each member who enters will receive one raffle ticket. At the end of the night a prize or two will be drawn out of the hat. This is not a competition but we would like you to pick the most entertaining movie for inclusion in the next Eric trophy competition later in the year.

Monday Jan 21st 2019.

Railways in the Cinema

A presentation by Mike Ellis. If anyone else has any railway films – and if there is time – now would be a good chance to bring them.

Monday Jan 28th 2019.

Films from the South

Pamela Smith will be showing a selection of her own films and those from her club. This will give us a chance to see what other clubs are doing.


AWAY Saturday Feb 2nd 2019.

Southport Inter-Club Competition

An afternoon of movies and food at the Southport Club starting at 2pm. Last year we won this outright – let's see if we can do it again. More details to follow in the newsletter as we get them.

Monday Feb 4th 2019.

Warriner Trophy Competition.

This year's subject is “National Parks” and the maximum length is 5 minutes. We will also vote for the most entertaining film to be entered in the next Eric competition.

Monday Feb 11th 2019.

Art Image

Marcus from Art Image Will explain what his company does.

Last date for entry for 1 minute films.

Monday Feb 18th 2019.

Annual General Meeting

The meeting of the year where you can change the committee, check the books and make views known.

Monday Feb 25th 2019

Cumbria Trophy and One Minute Competition

The Cumbria Competition is open to all members who have not won a club competition before. The subject is open and maximum length is 3 minutes 20 seconds to be judged and commented on by 3 non-competing club members.

The one minute competition is open to all members and the only rule is that it must not be longer than 1 minute. This will be judged by all non-competing members. ALL ENTRIES TO BE HANDED IN BY 11 FEBRUARY FOR INCLUSION IN A COMPOSITE DVD.

One film will be chosen from the one minute films for inclusion in the next Eric.


Monday Mar 4th 2019.

Travel - Filming and Equipment

Dave Weatherley will tell us how he makes his travel films and what equipment he uses. He will show us films, techniques, camera gear and settings. It's not all auto shooting. In addition he will tell us a few stories and tales relating to these films.

Monday Mar 11th 2019.

Lune Tube

Representatives of this on-line video channel for North Lancashire will come and show us some of their films, telling stories about the production process and a bit about techniques and equipment used.

AWAY Sunday March 17th 2019.

Burnley Festival

The Club have been invited to enter this festival again and we have selected “Plover Scar Lighthouse” last year's annual competition winner as our entry. The event will take place at the Burnley Youth Theatre from 1pm to 5.30pm.

Monday Mar 18th 2019.


Films from Swan Movie Makers

Monday Mar 25th 2019.

Lancaster Photographic 50/50

This year we have been invited to their club for an evening of films and photos. The address is Cameron House, White Cross Industrial Estate, South Rd. LA1 4XF

Their website is –


Monday Apr 1st 2019.

David Rush

Our own David Rush will give another of his very interesting slide shows, this time yomping through Yorkshire.

Monday Apr 8th 2019.

Pauline Harrison

Pauline will bring some of her own films. She used to be a Tiller Girl and was a long standing member of the former Preston Video Club.

Monday Apr 15th 2019.

Annual Competition

The last competition of the year where the subject is your choice within 2 classes “holiday” and “open”. The maximum length for any entry is 12 minutes. To be judged by an independent adjudicator.

We hope to start at 7pm but if there are lots of entries this may need to be earlier!!

Monday Apr 22nd 2019.

Easter Monday

Egg Rolling at your own risk.

Monday April 29th 2019.

Presentation Dinner

All the competition awards will be presented at this dinner in the Morecambe Golf Club, 7.00 for 7.30pm meal, followed by the presentations.

Future Noggin-n-Natter meetings Monday dates at The Owl's Nest over the Summer will be announced later.